Welcome To Key Stage Two


Key Stage 2

Upon entering Key Stage 2, children will begin to work towards the Standard Aptitude Tests (SATS) that they will be assessed for and take place at the end of Year 6.  Throughout Key Stage 2 continuous assessments will take place to enable us to monitor and track each student’s progress to ensure they are making the expected progression.


Children in Key Stage 2 cover the core subjects of Maths, Literacy and Science with particular emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy, which are taught daily. Your continued support in helping your child with reading, writing and maths is crucial to their development.


Some elements of the core subjects may also be taught through other subjects through cross-curricular activities. 


Each term you will be informed of the topics your child will cover via the VLE platform. Occasionally additional activities will be included to extend and challenge their learning.

Key Stage 2 Team
Ms Fozia

Year 3A Teacher 

Ms Fatima

Year 3B Teacher 

Ms Mona

Year 4A Teacher & KS2 Leader

Mr Daire

Year 4B Teacher 

Ms Daliya

Year 5A Teacher

Mr Frank

Year 5B Teacher

Ms Fee

Year 6A Teacher

Mr Ben

Year 6B Teacher

Mr Mohamed Omar

Head of Arabic & KS2


Mr Ilyes

KS2 Physical

Education Teacher

Ms Roua

KS2 MFL Teaher

Ms Asmaa

KS2 Arabic Teacher

Ms Kelly

KS2 Musical Teacher

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