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The Phoenix Private School

At Phoenix Private School Doha learning is an exciting and continuous journey. We know that pupils progress through their journey at different paces. Therefore, we work with each child in a holistic manner, ensuring that our teachers work collaboratively across the stages to provide the very best education standards and meet each and every individual child’s needs.


The teachers in our school understand that education is important, but what is equally important is the care, love and devotion we give to our children not only nourishing the mind but also the heart.

Key Stages

Parents Testimonials

Phoenix is a lovely, warm school with kind staff and hard-working teachers. They give you proper attention and the education is very good.
PPS advocate for special needs children, with support system and awareness among the students. Lovely place for us.

Meet our Principal

As I begin my second year at PPS, I look back on the last academic year. It was a whirlwind of events, decisions, exams, educational trips, and successes. We made many changes for this academic year, including uniforms, homework and assessment policies, Ministry subjects, and digital platforms. We also developed a new Key Stage 2 Writing programme, and we improved our leadership and staffing structures.


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