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Meet our Head of EYFS

Name: Neha Zarine Khalad

Education: B.A.B.ED.PGCEI

Professional Background: I am an experienced and passionate teacher who has been working in international schools in Doha since 2008. A qualified educator with more than 15 years of experience teaching in Qatar and a mother of a boy and two girls.

Educational Philosophy: 

My education philosophy is inspired by Bloom's Taxonomy, Where understanding come’s prior applying creativity. I truly enjoy working with young children, helping them explore the world by means of meaningful provocations and engaging in hands-on activities. I am dedicated to providing a caring and nurturing environment to all young learners, making sure their school days are filled with enquiry-based learning, differentiated challenges, exploration and lots of fun. I strongly believe in the power of positive praise and motivation when shaping all-around learners, bringing the love of education and joy into our school setting. I am leading EYFS Team for past 7 years and making sure to provide ongoing assessment, safeguarding and Play based learning in EYFS in line with updated EYFS National Curriculum Framework.

What is EYFS: 

At PPS, we place a high emphasis on fostering a love of learning by creating a safe and stimulating environment and by giving the children the tools to develop their independence and enquiry skills. Our standards are set to ensure that every child makes progress and no child is left behind. We follow National curriculum of EYFS Statutory Framework which includes seven areas of learning. All children learn through play with a mixture of child-led and teacher-led learning opportunities. Learning takes place both indoors and outdoors. It also prepare children for transition from EYFS to KS1 with blended play and learn approach.


Seven areas of learning

Personal, Social and Emotional
Development (PSED)

- Making Relationships

- Sense of Self

- Understanding emotions

Communication and Language (CL)

- Listening and attention

- Understanding

- Speaking

Physical Development (PD)

- Moving and Handling

- Health and Safe care


- Reading

- Writing


- Numbers

- Spatial awareness

- Shape

- Pattern

- Measures

- Comparison

- Counting

- Cardinality

- Composition

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