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Meet our Head of Arabic

Name: Ahmed Mohammed Khalaf Mutawae

Education: BA in Arabic Language and Literature from Al-Azhar University in Cairo

Professional Background:

More than 15 years in the educational field, for Arabian and non-Arab students, started in Egypt, and 7 years from my experience here in Qatar, my teaching journey included teaching the Egyptian national curricula, as well as the curricula of Al-Azhar religious institutes for the secondary grades and preparatory grades. I also taught the curricula of the Qatari Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and I also taught the Arabic language curricula in the British secondary school systems, Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel, O level, As level and A level, My experiences included teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, and designing their own curricula. I was also a member of the Arabic language supervision file, which is being submitted to the National Accreditation Committee for Private Schools in the State of Qatar, I was also a member of the file submitted by the Arabic

Language Department for accreditation by the Wask Foundation.

Educational Philosophy: 

The student is one of your children, so cultivate in him what you would like to see your children as.

What are the Ministry Subject?

The Ministry’s subjects include: the Arabic language, Islamic studies, and the history of Qatar, which make up the compulsory subjects section

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