Welcome from the Principal

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First of all, on behalf of the staff and Governors, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all the children and parents of Phoenix Private School, especially to those who are only just beginning their educational journey with us.

I am extremely proud and privileged to continue on as the Principal of this wonderful, welcoming school for the second year. Phoenix is a unique school in the centre of Doha which constantly embeds the most current fundamentals of the British Curriculum, standards, and expectations. We continuously work on developing the very best and innovative approaches, through a structured and broad British curriculum, encouraging creativity, curiosity, and a passion for life-long learning for children from foundation to year 9.


Through working at Phoenix Private School, it is evident to me that learning is an exciting, continuous journey, and we know that pupils progress through their journey at different paces. Therefore, we work with each child in a holistic manner, ensuring that our teachers work collaboratively across the stages to provide the very best education standards and meet each and every individual child’s needs. The teachers in our school understand that education is important but equally as important is the care, love, and devotion we give to our children, not only nourishing the mind but also the heart. We believe that every child should be safe, happy, and healthy in their educational environment, as well as respected, giving responsibilities while including them in crucial decisions. Our restorative practice principles, child-centered learning, and the power of the pupil's voice are some of the ways we reflect this.  


I invite you and your family to experience the joy I feel every day walking into the school by visiting our school yourself. Our small and unique setting mirrors the British schooling system and feel, making the school an exclusive environment to be part of. Our small class structure allows our young learners more quality time with the staff to deepen their understanding and support their every need. Take time to walk around our campus to get a real sense of the excitement that resonates throughout the building, the buzz of the learning among the classrooms, and the warm atmosphere that surrounds and flows through the school grounds.


It is my pleasure to be here at Phoenix Private School, to be working alongside the children, the parents, and leading the school this year and for many years to come to achieve greater successes.


Ms. Mona Abu Shosha

Acting Principal

Key Stage Leaders
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Ms. Neha

EYFS Leader

Ms. Asmaa

KS1 Leader

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Mr. Benjamin

KS2 Leader

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Mr. Frank

KS3 Leader