The Phoenix Private School Philosophy

Our philosophy is 'Achieving Together', motivating our students to bring fulfil their maximum potential.

It is our belief that each student is a unique individual, that all students have potential and should be motivated by learning. We seek to create a challenging educational environment that encourages high expectations for success, whilst allowing for individual differences and learning styles. We aspire to be a visionary school in the State of Qatar that sets high standards for quality education and leads by example.

Vision Statement

Our vision at Phoenix Private School is to work as a small community in building strong, positive connections with our students so they can be confident and independent individuals who value life-long learning. We aim to empower our students in a variety of ways to develop and grow into their own unique identities and show perseverance and determination in order to make positive changes throughout their life, the life of others and the world.

The legacy of Phoenix is to mould our children into becoming responsible and successful young adults, effective contributors and responsible citizens in our society today, as well as becoming the great leaders of tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Phoenix Private School seeks to create a challenging educational environment that encourages high expectations and standards for optimum success, while allowing for individual differences and learning styles. Not only do we believe in providing students with the academic success but equally we view our students as ‘the whole child’, ensuring they receive enriched opportunities to develop their broader skills in life and raise them as well-rounded individuals. We believe growth occurs when individuals feel safe, healthy, nurtured and included on their educational journey and therefore the Phoenix Private School believes in a trusting, nurturing environment where diversity is honored and respected among students and teachers and education is seen as a privilege and an important aspect of their life.

Our British education enables all learners to access learning through the provision of:

· A broad, rich and engaging British curriculum and current British practice​

· Our core subjects and main curriculum fouses on Maths, English, Science as in the UK as well as French or Arabic studies. 

· Our non-core subjects include Music, PE, Humanities, Art. These are compulsory subjects and non-negotiable as part of our British Curriculum

· Learning programme's aligned to specific year levels or the students’ individual educational need through our SEN (depending on level of needs and ability to cope in our mainstream school) and ASP departments.

· Effective teachers who are focused on students’ health and educational well-being and development, ensuring an improvement on student outcomes.

· An inclusive environment that is respected and responsive to pupil voice.

· Opportunities for school-home partnerships and collaboration.









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