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Covid-19 Updates


The Phoenix Private School is working closely with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to create the safest learning environment for our students to continue their studies. We were visited by the Ministry of Health on 22nd September who completed a tour of each lesson we were providing in school and they were delighted with our commitment to keeping our children and staff safe with the precautions we were taking. They have given us the following points to continue working on:

  • Continue providing campus-based education for a maximum of 50% of the school capacity

  • Year 4 to year 9 students must wear masks in all their lessons 


Students on our Support Programme, who are finding working from home too challenging, have been invited to work in the school with their Support Teacher to allow a more intensive and focused education programme. For further information, please contact


Currently, we have not been given any further information about when our school will be able to increase capacity to 50%.



We aim to continue to update this page regularly as a commitment to share any latest developments with our parents. Please check this page regularly for updates. 

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